Large bar/restaurant on Back Swinegate (there is also another Slug and Lettuce next to Ouse Bridge). Despite its focus on cocktails in the evening, during the day the place is surprisingly family friendly – perhaps due to the easy access for pushchairs. When the weather permits, customers make good use of the outdoor seating both next to the front entrance and within a more secluded courtyard to the rear. They serve food all day – including breakfast – and the kitchen finally shuts at 10pm.

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Slug & Lettuce Menu

Small Plates

Crispy potato omelette soldiers with spicy ketchup £4.79

Breaded mushrooms with garlic mayo £4.79

Warm chorizo in honey & cider sauce, with bread £4.99

Hot mustard rarebit, mature Cheddar and red Leicester, with honey-glazed bacon on ciabatta £4.99

Crispy fried jalapeño slices with paprika sour cream £4.79

Southern-fried chicken goujons with mango & pineapple salsa, sticky BBQ sauce £4.99

Lotus-style steam buns with BBQ pulled pork, pickled red onion £5.29

Crispy tempura vegetables with Virgin Mary ketchup £4.79

Crispy calamari strips with Virgin Mary ketchup £4.99

Crispy salt & pepper shrimp bombs with paprika garlic mayo £5.29

Lightly spiced BBQ chicken skewers with mango & pineapple salsa £4.99

Cured meat antipasti with slow-roasted tomatoes, pea shoots £5.29

Sharing Boards

Feast with Friends £13.49
Southern-fried chicken, beerbattered onion rings, crispy tempura vegetables, breaded mushrooms, omelette soldiers, lightly spiced BBQ chicken skewers, garlic & herb ciabatta sticks, skinny fries, dips

Veggie Board £15.49
Mini bean burger sliders, omelette soldiers, beer-battered onion rings, tempura vegetables, crispy jalapeños, olives, tomato & avocado, skinny fries, ciabatta, dips

Meat Board £16.49
Mini burger sliders, wings, sausages, chicken goujons, ham croquettes, cured meats, ciabatta, fries, dips

Fish Board £17.49
Fish finger sliders, crab & prawn mac-n-cheese bites, calamari strips, scampi, salt & pepper shrimp bombs, smoked salmon, skinny fries, ciabatta, dips

Cheesy-Topped Nachos £8.79
Mozzarella, Cheddar, jalapeños, guacamole, red onion, sour cream, salsa


Topless Skinny Beef Burger £9.49
Avocado, slow-roasted tomato with superfood side salad and no top bun

Smothered Chicken Burger £10.29
Bacon, Cheddar, BBQ sauce, lettuce, burger sauce, tomato, pickles, skinny fries

Chipotle Bean Burger £8.99
BBQ chipotle quinoa, smoked Cheddar, red pepper and sweetcorn, in a crispy breadcrumb coating, skinny fries

Cheese & Bacon Beef Burger £9.99
Cos lettuce, burger sauce, tomato, pickles, skinny fries


Seasoned Chicken Tortilla Salad £9.29
Yoghurt-&-herb-marinated chicken, with tikka spices, superfood salad, edamame beans, omega seeds, lemon oil dressing – in a tortilla bowl

Fishcakes £10.29
Smoked haddock, coley and Applewood Cheddar, in an oat & parsley breadcrumb coating –
superfood salad, lemon oil dressing

Battered Cod and Chips £10.49
Cod fillet, hand battered by our chef, chips, tartare sauce and your choice of peas or mushy peas

British Beef & Ale Pie £9.99
Double Gloucester, pepper pastry, seasonal veg, mash, red wine gravy

Grilled Halloumi Tortilla Salad £8.29
Avocado, edamame beans, tomato, omega seeds, lemon oil dressing, in a tortilla bowl

Butternut Squash Lasagne £8.29
Spinach, goat’s cheese, pea shoots, roasted tomato, garlic & herb ciabatta

Lasagne £8.29
Beef, pork, rich tomato sauce, creamy cheese sauce, garlic & herb ciabatta

Smothered Chicken £8.99
Supreme of chicken, bacon, Cheddar, mozzarella, BBQ sauce, peas, grilled tomato, skinny fries

Chicken Tikka Masala £8.49
Basmati rice, sour cream, pineapple & mango salsa, flatbread

Cumberland Sausages and Mash £7.79
Three pork sausages, buttery mash, peas, red wine gravy, sautéed onion

10oz Rump Steak £12.29
British 35-day-aged steak, skinny fries, grilled tomato, beer-battered onion rings – just tell us how you like it!

Asparagus & Pea Ravioli £8.29
Taste the sunshine! Sunflower-shaped parcels, with asparagus & pea filling, tomato, cheese & basil butter, pea shoots, omega seeds

Chicken Caesar Tortilla Salad £8.29
Classic feel-good grilled chicken Caesar salad, in a tortilla bowl


All £2.99

Warm Mini Churros
Caramel-cream-filled churros, with dipping sauce

Clotted Cream Cheesecake Bites
With a fruity little raspberry coulis

Chocolate Salted Caramel Bites
Salted caramel & choc truffle bites

American-Style Pancake
With passion fruit, whipped double cream

Strawberry Scone Bites
Made with lovely clotted cream

Warm Brownie Bites
With whipped double cream

Cookie Crumb Profiteroles
Drizzled in a chocolate-flavoured sauce

Lemon & Lime Tart Wedges
The zesty one

Mini Choc Fondants
That ooze from the middle!

Fudge Duo
Black treacle and salted caramel fudges

Nutty Bites and Coconut Macaroons
Mini warm nutty pistachio & almond bites, mini coconut macaroons, with custard dip

Last updated: May 2017