iPhone/iPad Bookmark

Bookmark our site with an iPhone

Unfortunately our app is not available for download to Apple devices. You can however create a bookmark icon on your iPhone – which looks like a native app – that will link directly to our site. Simply follow the steps below:

1. Go to our homepage, http://www.york-pm.co.uk

2. Now hit the Share button: it’s the icon in the middle at the bottom of the page. (It looks like an arrow trying to escape from a box)

3. You will see our site favicon in the middle of nine other icons. Underneath is the message ‘Add to Home Screen’. Hit this icon.

4. On the Add to Home page, make sure that it says ‘YORKpm’ in the text box. Then click Add.

5. Now when you go to your iPhone’s homescreen you’ll see our site’s bookmark. By default it will appear as the final icon in all of your home pages, but you can drag and drop it to somewhere more convenient.

Bookmark our site with an iPad

1. Open our homepage in Safari.

2. Tap the Share button. This looks like an arrow coming out of a box and can be found next to the address bar.

3. Tap Add to Home Screen.

4. If it doesn’t say so already edit the name of the shortcut to YORKpm

5. Tap Add and the YORKpm icon will be immediately added to your home screen. If you have multiple home screens you may well have to scroll through to find it. You can then drag and drop it somewhere more convenient.