Unique multi-award winning restaurant located on Grape Lane. El Piano’s menus are all gluten and nut free – as well as being vegan. They also try and promote sustainable food, sourcing their ingredients from as near as possible (each dish has an average miles travelled estimate). A bit hippy-ish, but the food is really good.

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El Piano Menu

Evening deals: Starters & Mains £15 or Starters & Mains for 2, plus a bottle of wine £40


Flash fried battered veg with Teryaki.

Chipotle hummus
Creamy chick pea & sesame dip topped with spicy chipotle.

Hearty soup
Small bowl made perfect with our bread.

Raw Mushroom Pâté
Blended with hints of juniper and coñac, served with crudités

(all £3.95)

Build Your Own Plate £11.95

One of the following:

20th year on the menu…lentils & spices bathed in coconut milk

Thai Duo
Fragrant coconut rice, veg, lemongrass & lime under strips of crispy dusted tofu with a piquant sweet drizzle

‘Meat’ loaf, Purple Mash & Gravy
A ‘meat’ loaf, using UK grown quinoa, on a bed of local heritage purple mashed potatoes, topped with onion gravy

Spicy Caribbean & Mexican fusion of potatoes, plantains and chipotle sauce tossed in spring onion & coriander

+ one portion of fritters:

Bolivian-style carrot patties

Corn Fritters
Corn kernals, coriander & chilli

Golden chickpea classic with fresh parsley

Sliced button mushrooms with fresh basil

+ one salad:

Raw beetroot and cabbage salad, dressed with ginger & orange

Mixed Beans
Medley of cooked and raw beans in peppery vinaigrette

Blanched Greens
Mixed greens, briefly scalded, tossed in olive oil, tamari & garlic

Grated fresh courgette with a garlic & olive oil dressing

Additional Sides

Breads & olive oil £3.50 (add hummus for an extra £1.00)

Mathematical chips £3.95
Square root vegetable chips with our ketchup

Mixed salad £5.50

Organic brown rice £3.50

Extra fritters £4.95
Any selection of 6 fritters

Any hot dish £5.50
Choose from the hot dishes above


Sticky Toffee Pudding £4.95
The classic winter dessert topped with toffee sauce & coconut cream

Chocolate Mousse £5.50
Rich, intense TOFU based mousse swirled with coconut cream

Beet & Ginger Cake £4.95
A variation of the classic Carrot Cake, topped with a light brandy cream

Ice cream bowl £4.95
This is a challenge to make! Ask if our exquisite results are available today

Taster Tray

All of our hot dishes, fritters & pink salad with a selection of sauces served tapas style (for 2-3 to share) £33.95

Pair with a bottle of wine for £45.00

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