If you like beer and you like pubs this beer tasting and tour is a great way to spend an afternoon in York. Starting in the Walmgate Ale House, you begin with a one hour tutored tasting session with an experienced brewer and beer sommelier, all accompanied by the finest Yorkshire bar nibbles. Brewing is thriving in York – as well as in the wider county – and you’ll learn about the history of the industry in the region as well as how each beer is made.

At the end of the tasting you’ll embark on a tour of four of York’s finest pubs, sampling a different Yorkshire beer in each. Over the course of the afternoon, you will have gained a fascinating insight into the art of beer tasting and brewing – and will have sampled twelve different Yorkshire brews.

York Beer TastingThe pubs you visit aren’t specified, but i’m almost certain one of them is The Hop on Fossgate (I’ve seen a group that definitely looked like a beer tour in there before). This is an excellent pub that serves excellent Ossett Brewery beer (much of which is at the paler, bitterer end of the ale spectrum).

It may well be that the pubs the tour visits change depending on what beers they have on – and what’s worth trying – so you’ll get to benefit from some extra local knowledge here. (As a educated guess, I would say that a York Brewery pub and a Leeds Brewery pub will also be on the itinerary.)

The tour costs £35 and all the beer and food is included in the price. There is around 1km of walking involved and the start/finish time is 1pm-4pm.

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On the Viator website the blurb says that this is a two hour tasting and tour, however by my reckoning it actually lasts three hours. A one hour tasting session plus four 30 minute pub visits equals three hours (it even says it starts at 1pm and finishes at 4pm!).